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Red Rock Central High School Tours Highwater Ethanol

  • Wednesday, 17 October 2018 10:40


LAMBERTON, Oct 17 – Seventeen students from Red Rock Central High School toured Highwater Ethanol today to learn about their local ethanol facility’s business practices and economic footprint.

The students, who were 12th graders from the school’s Ag Business class, were briefed on the various processes of ethanol production at Highwater Ethanol, which produces 59.5 million gallons of ethanol a year, as well as the plant’s financial procedures.

"The ethanol industry is a vital economic driver within Minnesota and tours like these highlight the ethanol production process and its role in expanding our energy independence while contributing to the rural economy and improving our environment,” said Brian Kletscher, CEO of Highwater Ethanol.

During the tour, the students visited the plant’s administrative office, water treatment process, incoming grain grading and handling, ethanol loadout, ethanol process facility, energy center, dried distiller grain production and storage.

The tour was organized by the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association (MN Biofuels). In 2017, MN Biofuels brought a different group of students from Red Rock Central to Highwater Ethanol. 

“We are pleased that Red Rock Central High School is utilizing these tours as a part of their curriculum. It’s important for students to learn about clean, Minnesota-produced renewable energy and how it reduces harmful emissions, produces competitive career opportunities and supports their local economy,” said Tim Rudnicki, executive director of the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association.

Highwater Ethanol began operations in Lamberton in August 2009 and currently has 42 fulltime employees.

Kletscher said ethanol plants employ a wide variety of professionals.  In the business operations side, he said professionals with skills in business administration, finance, accounting, human resources and agriculture economics are required.

Red Rock Central’s agriculture instructor, Hunter Klontz, accompanied her students during today’s tour.

“I believe that having students explore and receive more insight on agricultural businesses will help them see the importance of what this certain industry is striving for. Gaining knowledge about the industry that is all around them is crucial to understand and see in person,” she said.