Minnesota State University Students Tour Guardian Energy

  • Thursday, 29 September 2022 16:16


Janesville, Sept 30 - Bioengineering students from Minnesota State University, Mankato toured Guardian Energy yesterday to learn about ethanol production.

“We were happy to once again welcome students from Minnesota State University – Mankato. These tours give students a first-hand overview of the ethanol production process. More importantly, students leave with a better appreciation for the important role our industry plays in bolstering rural economies, improving air quality and advancing energy independence,” said Jeanne McCaherty, CEO of Guardian Energy.

During the 90-minute tour, the students learned about at the various stages of ethanol production such as incoming grain grading, grain handling, fermentation, grain storage, dried distiller’s grain production and storage, ethanol storage and shipment. 

The tour was organized by the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association (MN Bio-Fuels). Guardian Energy is a member of MN Bio-Fuels. 

“Students in the Biotechnology Program and Food Science Technology program have great preparation from their classroom and laboratory experiences. One of our goals is to have students understand and be able to apply their education to real world situations.” 

“Our tour of the ethanol plant exposes the students to the much larger scale of an industrial facility. It helps them understand the difference between a laboratory experience and the operation of a real-world production facility,” said Gregg Margg, professor of biological sciences at Minnesota State Mankato.