Response To "Marine Engines Balk At Ethanol"

On July 2, 2014, the Star Tribune ran a story titled, "Marine Engines Balk At Ethanol." Below is our response to that story.

With regards to E15 and its use in marine engines, we would like to inform you that E15 is currently only available in seven stations in Minnesota and all E15 pumps carry a disclaimer that specifically states that it is only intended for passenger cars 2001 and newer or flex fuel vehicles and not for other vehicles, boats or gasoline-powered equipment. As such, there shouldn’t be any confusion for marine engine owners.

As for E10, we would like to point out to you that both Mercury Marine and Yamaha (which were both cited in your story) state that E10 can be used in their engines. Mercury Marine states on its website, “The fuel-system components of Mercury engines will withstand up to 10 percent ethanol in gasoline” while Yamaha says on its website, “All current models as well as most engines built since the late 1980s have been designed with fuel components that are tolerant to fresh fuel containing ethanol up to 10% (E10).” Owners should always consult with their owner’s manual or with their manufacturer on the proper fuel requirements for their boats.