St Paul Drivers Choose E15

KS95 at St Paul Minnoco

St Paul, Mar 30 - The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association (MBA) and KS95 FM today rewarded drivers who chose to fuel up with E15 at St Paul Minnoco during an hour-long promotion. 

From 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm, MBA and KS95 rewarded 20 drivers who chose E15 over regular unleaded with prizes such as $25 in cash, St. Paul Saints tickets, Applebee's giftcards and KS95 merchandise.

During the promotion, E15 was priced 20 cents lower per gallon than regular unleaded. 

KS95 personality, Darrin Stone, was on site to educate drivers on the benefits of using E15 and handed out prizes. 

This is the fourth time MBA and KS95 have teamed up at a Twin Cities gas station to promote and educate consumers on the benefits of using E15. 

"For four consecutive months, we have gone to the ground with KS95 to directly engage with consumers and educate them about E15. Drivers are interested in using a fuel that has a high octane, is cheaper than regular unleaded gas, better for the environment and beneficial to Minnesota's economy," said Tim Rudnicki, MBA executive director.