St Peter High School Visits Guardian Energy

  • Wednesday, 12 April 2017 10:56

St Peter Guardian 1

Janesville, April 12 – Thirty-two high school students toured Guardian Energy’s ethanol plant today to get a closer look at how renewable energy is produced.

The students, from St Peter High School, toured the various processes of ethanol production at Guardian Energy, which produces 120 million gallons of ethanol a year.

“We believe it’s important for students to understand the important role science plays in ethanol production,” said Tracey Olson, chief operations officer at Guardian Energy.

The students, comprising 11th and 12th graders, toured several different components of ethanol production including incoming grain grading, grain handling, grain storage, liquefaction, fermentation, distillation, distiller grain drying, corn oil separation, product storage and product shipment.

The tour was organized by the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association. Guardian Energy is a member of the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association.

“This was the second school tour we’ve organized in 2017 and there will be many more throughout the year. With these tours, high school students gain a better understanding of how a homegrown ingredient is converted into a clean fuel that has been reducing and continues to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, saves consumers at the pump and makes America more energy independent,” said Tim Rudnicki, executive director of the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association.

Guardian Energy, which commenced operations in 2009, is one the largest ethanol plants in Minnesota. Gena Lilienthal, agriculture science instructor at St Peter High School, said her students were interested in plant science and needed more exposure on ethanol production.

“I am excited for the students to see first-hand how the science we have been studying in class is used in real life,” she said.

Lilienthal, who accompanied her students during the tour, added the visit also highlighted potential career opportunities for the students.