Hydrite Chemical Joins The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association

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Minneapolis, Oct 5 - Hydrite Chemical Co. has become the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association’s latest vendor member.

Hydrite Chemical, based in Milwaukee, Wis., works with ethanol producers to enable efficient and effective corn oil extraction.

“We are pleased to welcome Hydrite Chemical as our latest vendor member. Hydrite Chemical has developed the Hyrdi-Maize Index to assess the efficiency of the corn oil extraction process and this is a complimentary service to all ethanol plants.

"Additional increases in operational efficiencies at ethanol plants work to further reduce the carbon footprint for ethanol, which is an already low-carbon renewable fuel,” said Tim Rudnicki, executive director of the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association.

The Hydri-Maize Index provides analyses of the quantity of corn oil that is extracted during the centrifugation process, centrifuge feed and the heavy phase, and the particle size distribution of syrup samples.


Picture caption : Microscopic view of oil globules in the centrifuge feed by using Hydri-Maize demulsifiers.

“We are committed to improving operational efficiencies and providing innovative solutions to the plants we serve,” said Bob Forner, marketing manager for Hydrite Chemical.

The company offers an array of value-added chemical solutions for ethanol producers. These include Hydri-Maize Demulsifiers (which provide corn oil extraction and feature non-polysorbate formulations), Hydri –Maize SAR (a generally recognizes as safe for animal feed replacement for sulfamic acid) and Hydri-Maize Evap 200 (A clean-in-place additive that accelerates shell side and tube side scale removal from thin still evaporators).

Demulsifier Testing 1

Picture caption : Testing a series of demulsifiers to find the optimum chemistry solution

“In addition to our Hydri-Maize product line, ethanol plants can simplify their supply chain with commodity chemicals, bisulfites, CIP (clean-in-place) chemicals, foam control agents and waste water treatment chemcials that are also featured in our expansive product line,” Forner said.

Hydrite Chemical Co., which was founded in 1929, is family-owned and has over 800 employees throughout the country.

Apart from its solutions for ethanol producers, the company also provides expertise in chemical distribution, food and diary sanitation, toll manufacturing, foam control, agricultural chemicals and wastewater treatment.

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