Executive Director's Column


Meeting Clean Transportation Targets Requires The Use Of Biofuels


Context Missing On This Vital Fuel

Agriculture Can And Should Power The Flight Of Tomorrow

The False Narrative On Clean Vehicles

Wrapping Up Minnesota's 2023 Legislative Session

Legislative March Madness

The New Normal


Proud Minnesota Biofuel Leadership


A Bridge To More Biofuels

Climate-Smart Agriculture Progress Report Could Be Step In Right Direction

Infrastructure Bill Can Bring Us Closer To E15 Standard


The Future Of Ethanol In Minnesota

A Plug-In Flex Fuel Hybrid For The Nation

Where Is The Aid For The Ethanol Industry?

Rebuilding Minnesota's Ethanol Industry

The Senate Must Act Fast

Getting Through This Crisis

A Note To Our Friends

A Clean Fuels Program For Minnesota


Biofuels in the 2019 Minnesota Legislative Session


Looking Into 2019

A New Beginning For Minnesota's Ethanol Industry?

Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way?

Time For EPA To Clean Up The Mess It Made Of The RFS

Minnesota Lawmakers Hold Key To Boost GDP By $189 Million

The RFS And A Biofuel Future


A Solid Foundation And The Year Ahead

RFS Threat Averted (For Now)

The EPA Wrecking Ball

RVP Woes, CHP Potential

Self-Imposed Industry Barriers

Small Price For Big Gains

Biofuels Infrastructure Bill A Boost For Minnesota

Minnesota Legislature Holds The Key

Biofuels and Renewable Chemicals In the 2017 Legislative Session


Vigilance, Advocacy And Change

What The Recent Election Means For Ethanol

Laws Need To Be Matched By Action

Does Minnesota Have What It Takes To Seize Biofuel Opportunties?

MN's Choice : Squander Or Actualize Opportunities To Reduce GHG Emissions

Ongoing Communications With Policymakers

A Behind The Scenes Look At The 2016 Minnesota Legislative Sessions

Do Environmental Groups Really Want Solutions?

Washington Reality Check

Help Candidates Understand Biofuels


What's Ahead For Biofuels In 2016

Now That the Dust Has Settled: What Did the EPA Miss?

The Far Reach Of The RFS

The EPA And Copernicus

R Stands For Renewables, Even Biofuels

E15 Dispenser Law Update

Could Aggregating Market Segments Help EPA Push Through The Fictitious Blendwall?

Blinded By The Blend Wall

To The Agencies : Tear Down Those Blinders !

Minnesota Legislature Takes Next Step For E15

E15 Dispensing Bill Winds Its Way Through Legislature

Lack Of Transparency By State Agencies Threatens Progress On GHG Reduction

A Pathway Forward For Biofuels And Consumers


The Warning Signs Are There : Fossil Fuels Will Continue To Cost More

As The Dust Settles

A Century In The Making, And Now It Hinges On Your Vote

The Three 'F Words' Repeated Again And Again

A Blueprint For Expanding Minnesota's Bioeconomy

Momentum Continues To Grow For E15 & E85

Keep Looking Forward

The Fine Print And Critical Thinking Do Matter

Biofuels Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

It's About Today And Tomorrow

RFS Debate: Let's Move Forward, Not Backwards


Don't Let Them Take Us Backwards

It's About Your Quality Of Life And The Next Generation

Pull Off Those Big Oil Blinders

What Does The Latest Court Ruling Mean For E15 And Consumers?

Tired Of The Gasoline Price Yo - Yo?

We Recognize The Problem And Have A Solution : E15

Obstructionist Big Oil Hurts Consumers

February 2013 Executive Director's Report