ICM Joins The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association

  • Friday, 20 July 2018 10:09

ICM Facility in Colwich

Picture Caption: ICM's headquarters in Colwich, Kansas

Minneapolis, July 20 – Global bio-refining technology provider, ICM, Inc, has become the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association’s (MN Biofuels) latest vendor member.

Headquartered in Colwich, Kan., ICM provides the ethanol industry with innovative technologies, solutions, services and diversified feed products.

“We are pleased to welcome ICM as our latest vendor member. ICM is a household name in the ethanol industry globally and has played an integral role in growing the industry over the years,” said Tim Rudnicki, executive director of MN Biofuels.

ICM Director of Sales, Jeff Scharping, said ICM provides ethanol plants with turn-key solutions to increase ethanol and corn oil production and develop new higher-value feed products. ICM’s fully-integrated custom packages, he said, ensures all of this is accomplished efficiently and at a low cost per gallon while optimizing energy usage.  

“We joined MN Biofuels because it is one of the oldest and most dedicated supporters of the ethanol industry in the country. It has been first on many fronts and ICM is proud to support their efforts to promote cleaner energy, higher blends and consumer choice,” he said.

Scharping said some of ICM’s main technologies include:

  • Selective Milling Technology and Selective Milling Technology V2 which maximize the amount of starch exposed for conversion to ethanol and oil available for recovery, while preserving fiber for higher value platform applications.

  • Fiber Separation Technology (FST) and Fiber Separation Technology Next Gen which are pre-fermentation separation systems that removes fiber prior to fermentation, resulting in more fermentable carbohydrates to be loaded into each batch for fermentation.

  • Thin Stillage Solids Separation System which separates the stillage process stream into its most valuable components – protein, solubles and oil. This technology improves dryer and evaporator efficiencies by reducing solids in stillage.

  • GEN 1.5 Grain Fiber to Cellulosic Ethanol Technology which takes corn fiber from the FST system and converts it to high-value, D3 RIN cellulosic ethanol gallons in existing fermentation and distillation systems.

ICM’s proprietary process technologies are used in over 100 ethanol plants globally that produce a combined 8.8 billion gallons of ethanol and 25 million tons of distillers grains annually.

Learn more about ICM’s products and technologies here.


Picture caption: ICM's Selective Milling Technology V2