U.S. EPA Decision To Deny Changes To RFS Is Good For Minnesota Drivers

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (November 16, 2012) – Minnesota Drivers are the winners in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) determination to uphold the Renewable Fuel Standard. Under the U.S. EPA decision, Minnesota Drivers will continue to benefit from renewable ethanol as it displaces petroleum and holds down the price of gasoline.

According to Tim Rudnicki, Executive Director for the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association, “The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association is a supporter of the U.S. EPA decision. The 21st century ethanol industry in Minnesota is part of an efficient renewable energy system. Our Minnesota producers use renewable ingredients and the latest process technology to provide consumers with homegrown energy that held down the price of gasoline by up to $1.69 per gallon. Ethanol also reduces air pollution and helps modern engines run efficiently. Our State and National renewable energy policy should not be based on short-term market conditions and the U.S. EPA’s decision reflects this position.”

Based on a recent report from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, the Minnesota ethanol industry supports approximately 12,600 jobs and pumps more than $5 billion into Minnesota’s economy. The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association (MBA) represents the renewable fuels industry within the State of Minnesota. MBA works to advance and promote the industry through support of educational, charitable, policy making and scientific activities. In addition to the thousands of jobs supported by the Minnesota renewable biofuels industry, the renewable fuels industry displaces petroleum imported into Minnesota, keeps billions of energy dollars in Minnesota and gives consumers cleaner fuel and greater, affordable fuel choice at the pump.